Frequently Asked Questions

bitgab is a web-based service that connects language learners and teachers from all over the world. Students can do exercises and start video conversations in the browser ("gabs") with other students or teachers to answer their questions or practice their conversation skills.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding how our service works.

Pre-requisites to be a bitgab teacher

What do I need in order to teach with bitgab?

A stable Internet connection and a computer with a microphone and webcam.

What applications or software will I need to install?

None. You only need an Internet navigation tool that is compatible with the technology needed for videoconferencing on the web. Our technology is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

How proficient should I be with the language I would like to teach?

To teach with bitgab, it is necessary that you have native proficiency or fluency in the language you expect to teach and an ample understanding of grammar topics and vocabulary in said language.

Do I need to have teaching experience or a teaching license?

No, but it is highly recommended. A teacher’s experience and/or license will be displayed on his/her profile page. This, in turn, may attract potential students.

Do I need to prepare lessons?

No — bitgab will offer you conversation topics ("topics") with exercises, grammar, and vocabulary. In any case, you can always add or expand on the information provided that is covered in each topic.

Teaching with bitgab

How do I teach a class or participate in a gab?

To be available for a gab, you only need to login to bitgab and turn the Chat on. Once the Chat is on, all online students will be able to chat with you and request a paid lesson.

How many people participate in a gab?

Gabs are only between two people. Therefore, only a teacher and a student participate in a gab.

How do I get students?

Each teacher has a profile with their name, education, languages spoken, certification (if applicable) and student ratings. Students can look for teachers at any time in bitgab (even if the teacher isn’t online) and add them to their list of "Favorite teachers". You can also contact online students or your followers directly using the Chat.

How many gabs can I participate in?

You can participate in as many gabs as you like, any day and at any time.

Can I teach a language that doesn’t currently appear in bitgab?

No, although more languages will be offered in the future.

How can I apply to teach in bitgab?

By filling out the teacher registration form.

When will my bitgab account be activated?

Once you complete your teacher registration form, we’ll look over your application and activate your account within a period of several days. You’ll receive an email when your account is activated. In case your application isn’t approved, your account will be terminated within one week. Please keep in mind that bitgab does not e-mail notifications for applications that aren’t approved.

Can I create and publish topics on bitgab?

If you'd like to publish topics on bitgab please contact us.


How do I earn money on bitgab?

When a student starts a chat conversation with you, they will see a call button next to your name. If they click on this button, they will call you and start a video conversation with you. After the conversation ends, the student pays an amount based on your hourly rate. For example, if your hourly rate is 10 euros, a student would pay 5 euros for a 30 minute conversation.

Who decides how much I earn?

You establish your hourly rate in bitgab. You can change your rate at any time.

How will I receive my payment as a teacher?

In order to be paid for your teaching work in bitgab, you need a PayPal account. You can create a free PayPal account here.

How often can I withdraw the money I make?

You can request that we send you the available balance in your bitgab account to your PayPal account at any time.

Do private gabs require payment?

No. A private gab is a gab on a personal web address ( that each teacher can share with another user at their own discretion. The other user does not need to be registered on bitgab to be able to participate in a private gab with a teacher.