Ada Lovelace


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Mira el vídeo y responde a las preguntas

  1. Lovelace's mother encouraged her to learn   .

  2. Lovelace was alive   the invention of the modern computer.

  3. Lovelace believed the machines could manipulate more than   .

  4. When the narrator describes Lovelace as being "ahead of her time", he means she is   .

  5. Did Lovelace end her correspondence with Babbage once she married?

  6. The first computer (AKA Analytic Machine) was powered by   .

  7. Not only did Lovelace believe "Analytic Engines" could be used for computing numbers, but also   .


Practica tus habilidades de escritura debatiendo las siguientes cuestiones

  1. Have you ever heard of Ada Lovelace? Why do you think such few people know about her contribution to technology?

  2. What other woman/women do you know of and admire?

  3. Why is it so important for people to know of the contributions made by women to our society?


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