Coffee: Is it good or bad for my health?

Kei Quinal

Lectura — Nivel Avanzado
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Lee el texto y responde a las preguntas de comprensión

Coffee has been around for a long time and blamed for many ills — from stunting your growth to causing heart disease — but newer research shows that it may actually have health benefits.

However, high consumption of unfiltered coffee (boiled or espresso) has been associated with mild elevations in cholesterol levels.

Although coffee may have fewer risks compared with benefits, keep in mind that other beverages, such as milk and some fruit juices, contain nutrients that coffee doesn't. Also, adding cream and sugar to your coffee adds fat and calories — up to hundreds of calories in some cases.
  1. Drinking huge amounts of unfiltered coffee can provide health benefits.

  2. Coffee has more benefits than risks.

  3. Putting   in your coffee can add hundreds of calories.

  4. Coffee contains every single nutrient that other beverages have.

  5. Drinking espresso may cause … levels to elevate.


Practica tus habilidades de escritura debatiendo las siguientes cuestiones

  1. Do you like to drink coffee? Why/ Why not?

  2. How do you like your coffee?

  3. How often do you drink coffee?

  4. Do you also agree that coffee can provide health benefits?

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