Lectura — Nivel Principiante
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Lee el texto y responde a las preguntas de comprensión

Geckos are reptiles and are found on all the continents except Antarctica. These colorful lizards have adapted to habitats from rain forests, to deserts, to cold mountain slopes.

Over a long period of time, geckos have developed special physical features to help them survive and avoid predators. Gecko tails serve many purposes. They help balance their weight as they climb branches, they act as fuel tanks to store fat, and as camouflage to help them disappear into their environment. Geckos are also able to shed their tails if a predator grabs them.

Most geckos are nocturnal, which means they are active at night, but day geckos are active during the day and nibble on insects, fruits, and flower nectar. Most geckos make noises such as chirping, barking, and clicking when they are defending their territory or attracting a mate.

  1. What kind of animals are the Geckos?

  2. Where do Geckos usually live?

  3. Which part of the Gecko's body is very useful?

  4. How do Geckos camouflaged themselves?

  5. What are nocturnal Geckos?

  6. Which is not a sound usually produced by Geckos?


Practica tus habilidades de escritura debatiendo las siguientes cuestiones

  1. What animal group do Geckos belong to?

  2. Where do Geckos usually live?

  3. Have you seen Geckos in your area? If yes, how do they look like?


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