Japan to remove travel ban for 12 regions, including China and Singapore: Report


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TOKYO: Japan plans to remove a ban on overseas travel next month to 12 countries and regions, including China and Singapore, the Yomiuri newspaper reported on Thursday (Oct 8).

The others include Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia, the Yomiuri said.

The Japanese government, which currently bans travel to 159 countries and regions, will recommend that travellers continue to refrain from unnecessary and non-urgent visits, the newspaper said.

Japan is on track to have 521 million doses of five different COVID-19 vaccines in 2021, compared with a population of 126 million.

The country will scale back a requirement of two weeks of self-quarantine for some business travellers, the Nikkei reported on Wednesday.

The new rules apply to returning Japanese and holders of long-term visas, some of whom will be exempted from quarantine requirements, depending on airport testing capacity, it added.

There will be a cap on the number of such exemptions, but no figure has been specified.

Such arrivals must submit an itinerary and a negative PCR test result on arrival, and will not be allowed to use public transport upon their return, the media outlet reported.

Japan has already eased two-way travel curbs with nations such as South Korea and Vietnam, while allowing entry from October for long-term residents from any country.
Fuente: CNA Insider
  1. Which among the following will still be banne from entering Japan?

  2. How many doses of five different COVID-19 vaccines does Japan track in 2021?

  3. What are the documents the arrivals must submit on arrival in Japan?


Practica tus habilidades de escritura debatiendo las siguientes cuestiones

  1. What can you say about the countries that Japan will allow to enter soon?

  2. Do you agree with Japan's decision to allow the entry of the 12 countries? Why/Why not?


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