Mr. Bean (Past Passive tense)


Gramática — Nivel Avanzado
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Completa cada frase con la opción correcta

  1. The character of Mr. Bean   while Rowan Atkinson was studying for his Master's degree in electrical engineering at The Queen's College, Oxford.

  2. A sketch featuring Bean   at the Edinburgh Fringe in the early 1980s.

  3. The character's name   until after the first episode had been produced.

  4. The title character and main protagonist   by Rowan Atkinson who is a childish buffoon who brings various unusual schemes and contrivances to everyday tasks.

  5. After filming ended, Teddy   by Atkinson to Gyles Brandreth's Teddy bear museum in Stratford-upon-Avon.

  6. There were three green and black Minis which   in the series, as well as two others painted with the same color scheme .


Practica tus habilidades de escritura debatiendo las siguientes cuestiones

  1. Have you seen Mr. Bean? Do you enjoy it?

  2. Why do you think Mr. Bean is such an appealing character to audiences?


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