See how wheelbarrows are made at Ames plant


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Mira el vídeo y responde a las preguntas

  1. In the Ames plant, 85 percent of the country's wheelbarrows are   .

  2. They start with a pre-cut piece of steel   ,

  3. The tubs are put into the machine to take off the   scrap metal.

  4. The Ames factory makes all of their   parts.

  5. The bins are put on tracks with components already hung to prepare for   .

  6. The tubs are   in paint and and baked at 350 degrees.

  7. These workers are   screening the name on.

  8. They can also do   logos for the companies..

  9. The tubs are stacked on pallets and moved down for   .

  10. The components are processed   .


Practica tus habilidades de escritura debatiendo las siguientes cuestiones

  1. What are wheelbarrows for?

  2. Do you have a wheelbarrow? If yes, what do you use it for?

  3. What are the popular companies in your country? What are they producing?


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