Window shopping (Past tense)


Gramática — Nivel Avanzado
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Completa cada frase con la opción correcta

  1. As standards of living   in the 17th century, consumers from a broad range of social backgrounds   to purchase goods that were in excess of basic necessities.

  2. An emergent middle class or bourgeosie   demand for luxury goods and the act of shopping   to be seen as a pleasurable pastime

  3. The widespread availability of plate glass in the 18th century   shop owners to build windows that   the full lengths of their shops.

  4. In Paris, where pedestrians   with the virtual absence of pavements, retailers   eager to attract window shoppers by providing a safe shopping environment.

  5. Retailers across Europe   grand shopping arcades and largely   the Parisian model which included extensive use of pane glass.


Practica tus habilidades de escritura debatiendo las siguientes cuestiones

  1. How often do you go shopping?

  2. Do you enjoy window shopping? Why? Why not?


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