10 unusual table manners around the world

Sunny Pham

Listening — Beginner Level
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Watch the video and answer the questions

  1. 1. Flipping a fish over is considered bad luck among the  

  2. 2. American waiters see a big tips as  

  3. 3. In Japan, you don't put   while you are dining

  4. 4. Indian use their   hands to pick up their food

  5. 5. In Chile, Chilean people use   to enjoy hamburgers or French fries

  6. 6. The habit of switching a fork to right hand, it is a   manner in Europe

  7. 7. In Ethiopia, everyone eat in a big plate with  

  8. 8. In   , you can drink a cup of Vodka in the early morning.

  9. 9. Campucchinos may be   in Italy


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