Canoe (Identifying Word Function)


Gramática — Nivel Principiante
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Completa cada frase con la opción correcta

  1. A canoe is a lightweight narrow vessel, typically pointed at both ends and open on top. Lightweight is a/an   .

  2. In British English, the term "canoe" can also refer to a kayak. Refer is a/an   .

  3. Canoes are widely used for competition and pleasure, such as racing, whitewater, touring and camping. Camping is a /an   .

  4. Historically, canoes were dugouts or made of bark on a wood frame. Of is a/an   .

  5. The canoe was an important means of transport for exploration and trade, and in some places is still used as such. And is a/an   .


Practica tus habilidades de escritura debatiendo las siguientes cuestiones

  1. What kind of a vessel is a canoe?

  2. Where is canoeing done/held?

  3. Have you tried canoeing? If yes, how was it?


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