Air Pollution Link to Dementia

Steve Love

Reading — Advanced Level
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Fill in the blanks with the missing sentences to complete the article

Missing sentences
  1. air pollution may cause

  2. reduced casualties and illnesses

  3. progressively hardens parts of the brain

  4. improve the air for all people

  5. treating people with dementia

Dementia is a degenerative brain disease that . People with dementia lose their memory, communication skills, and ability to live independently. Healthcare costs in the USA for will reach trillions of dollars by 2050.
Experts have drawn a link between air pollution and elevated cases of dementia. In fact, researchers have concluded that one out of every five cases of dementia.
In the United States, the Clean Air Act requires the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to but especially for sensitive populations, such as children and the elderly. It is estimated, because of the link between air pollution and dementia, that the Clean Air Act will save the US approximately $2 trillion dollars in .


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. What are some ideas that you can think of to reduce air pollution?

  2. What other illnesses do you know that are caused or affected by the environment?

  3. Where do you rather live, in a city or in a rural area? Why?

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