Cadillacs (Sentence, phrase and clause)


Grammar — Advanced Level
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Complete each sentence choosing the correct option

  1. By the time General Motors purchased the company in 1909.

  2. Cadillac had the first U.S. car to win the Royal Automobile Club of the United Kingdom's Dewar Trophy.

  3. After a dispute between Henry Ford and his investors.

  4. Many sources say the first car rolled out of the factory on 17 October.

  5. The fledgling automotive magazine "Motor Trend."

  6. While the company initially snubbed the honor.

  7. In 1966, Cadillac had its best annual sales to that point.


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. What are two of your favorite kinds of car? Why?

  2. What make cars functional?

  3. Do you own a car? If no, how do do go to work? school?


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