Cathay Pacific


Reading — Intermediate Level
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Read the text and answer the questions

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. (CPA) is the flag carrier of Hong Kong, with its head office and main hub located at Hong Kong International Airport. The airline's operations and subsidiaries have scheduled passenger and cargo services to more than 190 destinations in more than 60 countries worldwide.

The airline celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2016 and is the world's tenth largest airline measured by sales, and fourteenth largest measured by market capitalisation. In 2010, Cathay Pacific became the world's largest international cargo airline, along with main hub Hong Kong International Airport as the world's busiest airport measured by cargo traffic. The company slogan is "Move beyond.".

The airline prospered in the late 1950s and into the 1960s, and it purchased Hong Kong Airways, on 1 July 1959. Between 1962 and 1967, the airline recorded double digit growth on average every year and became one of the world's first airlines to operate international services to Fukuoka, Nagoya and Osaka in Japan.
Source: Wikipedia
  1. A flag carrier refers to a particular   .

  2. The airline's main hub is its   .

  3. By 2021, Cathay Pacific will be celebrating its   anniversary

  4. Cathay Pacific   Hongkong airways.

  5. It flies more   than any other airline.


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. Have you travelled via plane? If yes, which airline did you choose?

  2. What are the popular airlines that travel to and from your country?

  3. What is one of your dream destinations?


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