Comic strips


Grammar — Intermediate Level
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Complete each sentence choosing the correct option

  1. The two conventional formats for newspaper comics are strips and single gag panels.

  2. Early daily strips were large and they were sometimes three or more inches high.

  3. Proof sheets were the means by which syndicates provided newspapers with black-and-white line art for the reproduction of strips .

  4. Typically each sheet will have either six daily strips of a given title or one Sunday strip.

  5. The daily Peanuts is a strip and the daily Dennis the Menace is a single panel.

  6. When Sunday strips began to appear in more than one format.

  7. Sunday comics sections employed offset color printing with multiple print runs imitating a wide range of colors.


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. What are comic strips?

  2. Do you like reading comic strips? Why? Why not?

  3. What are the usual themes of comic strips?


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