Conditionals: first, second, third and zero

Roger Walter

Grammar — Beginner Level
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Complete the sentences with the correct form of the conditional

  1. If you found a magic lamp with a genie inside and got three wishes, what   you wish for?

  2. If you wished for a lot of money, what   it on?

  3. If you   rich, you’d probably travel a lot

  4. If you   wish for anything, what would it be?

  5. When some people think a lot about money, they   greedy

  6. If genies really exist,   you please let me know?

  7. If I   this old storybook, I never would’ve known about the genie legend

  8. If you   everything you wished for, would you be happy?


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. If you had three wishes, what would they be? Why?

  2. Do you think you'll be happy forever if you had your 3 wishes come true? Why or why not?

  3. What other legends do you know about?

  4. What is your favorite storybook? Why?

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