Cosmetics and Animal Cruelty

Kei Quinal

Reading — Intermediate Level
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Read the text and answer the questions

In a huge victory for animals, the European Union (EU), Israel, and India have banned the sale of any cosmetics or cosmetics ingredients that have been tested on animals. These marketing bans mean that companies all around the world will have to abandon animal testing for cosmetics they want to sell in these huge markets. The bans follow vigorous campaigning by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), its international affiliates, and members and supporters that included public protests, phone calls, and tens of thousands of e-mails.

Unfortunately, there’s no ban on testing cosmetics or household products on animals in the U.S., so companies that make and sell their products here can choose to conduct tests on animals.

As hard as it is to believe, animal experiments for cosmetics and household products continue even though non-animal tests are widely available. Instead of measuring how long it takes a chemical to burn the cornea of a rabbit’s eye, manufacturers can now drop that chemical onto cornea-like 3D tissue structures produced from human cells.

The best way to stop companies from using animals is to refuse to purchase their products and to write and tell them why you won’t be using their eye shadow, detergent, or shampoo.
  1. … Have been organizing protests against animal cruelty

  2. Animal cruelty continues because non-animal tests are not yet available.

  3. Which body part of a rabbit is dropped with a harsh chemical?

  4. Animal testing is banned in the U.S.

  5. The banning of animal testing in some countries is a good thing because  

  6. Which among the following is the best way to stop companies from testing animals?


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. Have you ever heard of animal cruelty in your country?

  2. What simple ways can you do to stop animal cruelty?

  3. Will you still use the same cosmetic brand if you found out that it uses animals to test their products?

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