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Read the text and answer the questions

In 1888, the first modern commercial deodorant, Mum, was developed and patented by a U.S. inventor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Edna Murphy. The modern formulation of the antiperspirant was patented by Jules Montenier on January 28, 1941. This patent addressed the problem of the excessive acidity of aluminum chloride and its excessive irritation of the skin, by combining it with a soluble nitrile or a similar compound. This formulation was first found in "Stopette" deodorant spray, which Time Magazine called "the best-selling deodorant of the early 1950s". "Stopette" was later eclipsed by many other brands as the 1941 patent expired.

Between 1942 and 1957, the market for deodorants increased 600 times to become a $70 million market. Deodorants were originally marketed primarily to women, but by 1957 the market had expanded to male users, and estimates were that 50% of men were using deodorants by that date.
Source: Wikipedia
  1. When was the first commercial deodorant patented?

  2. Who discovered the first commercialized deodorant?

  3. What can an antiperspirant do?

  4. What happened to Stopette after its success?

  5. Who were the first popular users of deodorant?

  6. What does the last paragraph imply?


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. Do you use deodorant? Why? Why not?

  2. What is the most popular deodorant in your country? What makes it popular?


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