Easter Egg Hunt (Basic Sentence Patterns)


Grammar — Advanced Level
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Complete each sentence choosing the correct option

It is Easter Sunday and I want to hide some eggs. Not for the kids, who are too old for this, but for me, and for the maintenance of a fiction that inside some smelly pre-teens are three five-year-olds, standing on the brink of reason, tethered to their first age of wonder by the discovery of sweets in unexpected places. For as long as there are offspring in this house who will still eat chocolate, I will still hide chocolate eggs.

The truth is, even when they do stir themselves to find the eggs, they don’t even eat them, it is like the coins at the bottom of a Christmas stocking, eggs in bulk are somehow engineered to be hoarded rather than used, a prototype for money.

I am very well aware of the risks of the enterprise, especially in a freakishly well-insulated house, in the unseasonal heat. I once had a boyfriend’s parents to stay for Christmas, because the dad was recovering from an operation on his colon, and I put a mid-sized chocolate Santa on their pillow as a welcome, only they unaccountably didn’t find the Santa, which melted overnight, and they thought … well, it's obvious what they thought

  1. I want to hide some eggs.

  2. I put a mid-sized chocolate Santa on their pillow.

  3. It is Easter Sunday.

  4. I am very well aware of the risks of the enterprise.

  5. There are pre--teens and five year- olds standing on the brink of reason.


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. Why did the author still like hiding Easter eggs?

  2. Do you still do egg hunting during Easter? Why? Why not?


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