King of Mask Singer


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Read the text and answer the questions

The King of Mask Singer is a South Korean singing competition television program. Each competition lasts for two episodes, with the singers competing in three elimination rounds. They are given elaborate masks (which are made by designer Hwang Jae-geun) to wear in order to hide their identity. By wearing a mask, spectators vote for the best performer without being influenced by the person's popularity, career or age.

Winners are selected by the audience and a panel of celebrities through instant live votes. The identities of the singers are not revealed until they have been eliminated. The winner of the third round challenges the previous competition's Mask King, and is either eliminated or becomes the new Mask King.

Ha Hyun-woo of Guckkasten ("Music Captain of Our Local") has nine consecutive wins, which is the highest number of wins achieved by any contestant. Due to great interest and demand, the show released a special music album consisting of a selection of studio recordings by the competitors.

Source: Wikipedia
  1. How long does each competition of K.M.S. last?

  2. True or False: Each contestant creates or buys his/her own mask.

  3. How do people vote for the best performer?

  4. The highest number of wins by any contestant is   .

  5. Creators of the show released   from the performances.


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. Do they have a version of King of Mask Singer in your country? If so, do you watch it? Why or why not? If not, would you like them to have it?

  2. Is this show a good or silly idea? Why?


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