LeBron James Jr. refuses to wear dad's number

Roger Walter

Listening — Intermediate Level
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Watch the video and answer the questions

  1. What is the nickname of LeBron James Jr.?

  2. What does LeBron James Jr. hope to do?

  3. Why are some colleges already showing interest in LeBron James Jr.?

  4. What doe LeBron James think about the interest colleges are showing in his son?

  5. How does LeBron James Jr. feel when people ask for his autograph or picture?

  6. LeBron James Jr.’s basketball number is…

  7. What is the narrator’s opinion?


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. Do you know any other children of famous people that tried to distance themselves from their parents?

  2. Why do you think that the children of famous parents sometimes try to distance themselves from them?

  3. Do you think it's easier for the child of a famous person to be successful in life? Why or why not?

  4. Would you like it if your parents were famous? Why or why not?

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