Losing a Dog Can Be Harder than Losing a Relative or Friend

Kelly Ross

Reading — Advanced Level
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Read the article and select the correct answer to the questions below

Many people feel guilty that they mourn more over the loss of a dog than that of a friend or relative. Research has confirmed that the loss is comparable, almost completely, to the loss of a human loved one. When a dog dies, the pet owner tends to feel embarrassed to show his grief in public. If more people realized how intense the bond is between people and their dogs, the more acceptable the grieving process would be. This would help the pet owner find closure and help them to move forward.

Dogs have adapted to living with humans for 10,000 years. They are the only animals to have evolved specifically to coexist with humans as companions. Dogs provide their owners with unconditional and positive regard; something many humans are unable to provide to other humans. In fact, MRI scans show that dogs respond to praise from their owners as strongly as they do to food. In other words, dogs find pleasure in pleasing their owners.
  1. Why do owners feel embarrassed to mourn the loss of a dog?

  2. What sets dogs apart from other animals?

  3. What brings dogs as much pleasure as being praised by their owners?

  4. Dogs provide humans with   regard

  5. Why do some owners feel guilty about mourning their dogs?


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. Do you agree that losing a dog can be harder than losing a relative or friend? Why or why not?

  2. Why do you think people love their pets so much?

  3. Do you own a pet? Which one?

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