Plastic Pollution (Present progressive tense)


Grammar — Intermediate Level
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Choose the correct present progressive tense of the verb

Over 700 species of marine animals has been reported to have eaten or been entangled in plastic. Scientists 1.(think) that the amount of plastic in the ocean might triple by 2050—and that would mean seriously bad news for the ocean and the creatures that 2. (live ) there. But by understanding the issue and taking action, you can help stop that from happening.

Not all plastic is bad. Bike helmets, car airbags, and many medical supplies made with plastic 3. (save) lives. Plastic water bottles can bring clean drinking water to people who don’t have it, and plastic straws can help people with disabilities drink.

Scientists think that 8.8 million tons of plastic 4. (wind) up in the ocean every year—that’s as if you 5.(stack) up five plastic grocery bags full of trash on top of each other on every foot of coastline in the world.
  1. think

  2. live

  3. save

  4. wind up

  5. stack


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. What does your government do to prevent and/ control plastic pollution?

  2. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using plastic?


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