Reported Speech


Grammar — Advanced Level
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Complete each sentence choosing the correct option

Select the correct reported speech.
  1. Bill: "I love skating." Jane: "Bill said (that) he   skating."

  2. Philippa: "I went snorkeling." Mark: "Philippa said (that) she   snorkeling."

  3. Theo: "I've never gone to Mexico." Clarisse: "Theo said (that) he   to Mexico."

  4. Vince: "I will eat lobster for lunch." Clara: "Vince said (that) he   eat lobster for lunch."

  5. Sally: "I have had three accidents." Paul: "Sally said (that) she   three accidents."

  6. Camille: "I'm going to complain to the president." John: "Camille said (that) she   going to complain to the president."

  7. Tara: "I don't like that book one bit." Marco: "Tara said (that) she   like that book one bit."

  8. Christine: "I was hiking." Christina: "Christine said (that) she   hiking."

  9. Leslie: "I won't buy a crappy car." Jenny: "Leslie said (that) she   buy a crappy car."

  10. Manny: "I have to get my hair done for the party." Maria: "Manny said (that) he   to get his hair done for the party."


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. Talk about something hurtful someone said to you once.

  2. What is something that you heard on the news today or yesterday?

  3. What did the weather man say the weather would be like where you live today?


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