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Read the text and answer the questions

Rowing, often referred to as crew in the United States, is a sport whose origins reach back to Ancient Egyptian times. It involves propelling a boat (racing shell) on water using oars. By pushing against the water with an oar, a force is generated to move the boat. The sport can be either recreational for enjoyment or fitness, or competitive, when athletes race against each other in boats. There are a number of different boat classes in which athletes compete, ranging from an individual shell (called a single scull) to an eight-person shell with coxswain (called a coxed eight).

Rowing is one of the oldest Olympic sports. Though it was on the program for the 1896 games, racing did not take place due to bad weather, but male rowers have competed since the 1900. Women's rowing was added to the Olympics in 1976.

Major domestic competitions take place in dominant rowing nations and include The Boat Race and Henley Royal Regatta in the United Kingdom, the Australian Rowing Championships in Australia, the Harvard–Yale Regatta and Head of the Charles Regatta in the United States, and Royal Canadian Henley Regatta in Canada. Many other competitions often exist for racing between clubs, schools, and universities in each nation.
Source: Wikipedia
  1. What is a synonym of rowing?

  2. What is used to propel the boat?

  3. What is the maximum number of rowers a boat can have?

  4. When did men’s rowing first take place in the Olympics?

  5. What is a major regatta in the U.K.?


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. What is your favorite sport? Why?

  2. Have you ever rowed? If not, would you like to? Why or why not?

  3. Do you think rowing would be difficult? Why or why not?

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