Should NYC landmarks named after slave owners be renamed?

Roger Walter

Listening — Advanced Level
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Watch the video and answer the questions

  1. What did John C. Calhoun, the namesake of Calhoun College, think about slavery?

  2. Which of the following places in New York City is NOT named for a slave owner?

  3. What does Mayor Bill de Blasio think about changing the names of places named for slave owners?

  4. What is the case at City Hall?

  5. What is true about the opinions of the people interviewed for this segment?

  6. What shouldn't NYC residents do to voice their opinion on this matter?


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. Do you think that the names of places named after slave owners should be changed? Why or why not?

  2. Do you know any controversial place names in the country where you live? Why are they controversial?

  3. Why do the names of places sometimes generate such controversy?

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