Snowy Plovers


Reading — Intermediate Level
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Read the text and answer the questions

Snowy plovers are small shorebirds that dash in and out of waves at the beach. While it looks like they are playing, these chunky little white birds are actually chasing after a meal of small insects and crustaceans.

These small birds have rounded heads with steep foreheads and short necks. Their bills are black and they have large eyes. They have short black legs and dark gray to black feet.

As plovers mature, their feathers change. Typically, their feathers are snowy white, hence their name, with black, brown, and gray markings on wings and head. They have patches of brown or black on their shoulders.

Snowy plovers feast on beetles, flies, marine worms, crabs, clams, sand hoppers, seeds, and aquatic insects. While they search for food plovers will run, stop, look, and then peck and poke at plants and the sand. Plovers will run into swarms of flies with their bills open and snapping, trying to grab a bite.

They nest on the sand on sparsely vegetated coastal beaches and lakeshores and also nest near man-made wastewater ponds and reservoirs. They often line their sand nests with seashells.
  1. Where do snowy plovers usually stay?

  2. Which best describes their body structure?

  3. Why are they called snowy plovers?

  4. What do they normally do with their prey?

  5. Which is not usually done by snowy plowers?


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. What are the distinct features of snowy plovers?

  2. Are there many unique birds in your country? if yes, what are they?

  3. How does your country protect the bird habitats?


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