'Some soles last 1,000 years in landfills': The truth... (Present Perfect Tense)


Grammar — Intermediate Level
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Complete each sentence choosing the correct option

The attendees are approximately 95% male. Of the women here, many are the mothers of young boys. One of the few women not chaperoning a child is Helen. She lives in a rented three-bedroom house on the outskirts of London with her husband, Luke, and his collection of trainers. The shoes ______(fill) up the loft and the spare room. When they began to invade her bedroom, Helen told Luke she needed some space. The couple booked a table at Sneaker Con, where their stall is piled with trainers which cumulatively cost tens of thousands of pounds. This expense_____ (become) a source of tension. “That’s why he had to stop,” Helen tells me. “Some are quick-strike releases: we’d be on a night out and have to pull over on the motorway to follow a Twitter link to get a pair of trainers.”
Helen says Luke has spent a lot of time investing in “one-off” trainers that are now being rereleased and are no longer unique. Luke tells her they are an investment, but unless they can turn a profit, they ______( be) a poor one.
Luke walks up to the stall shrugging his shoulders and frowning. “It’s dead for Jordans,” he says. “No one is buying Jordans.”
In the global marketplace, labels____ (come) to mean everything. A shoe that is “hyped” and worth hundreds of pounds at Sneaker Con one day can become worthless the next. Basing value on symbolism, rather than usability, means it lingers for a brief moment before the shoe needs replacing, fuelling production and an environmental impact.
Unwanted trainers are now a certified global product. For Helen and Luke, they have come) at the cost of a comfortable home to live in. Scale this up to the 24.2bn pairs of shoes that World Footwear estimates were manufactured in 2018, and they represent something more: the threat not just to one home, but to the planet
  1. The shoes   (fill) up the loft and the spare room.

  2. This expense   (become) a source of tension.

  3. They   ( be) a poor.

  4. In the global marketplace, labels   (come) to mean everything.

  5. They   ( represent) something more: the threat not just to one home, but to the planet.


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. Can you relate with the article? In what way?

  2. How many pairs of shoes/sneakers do you have?


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