Sophie B. Hawkins - As I Lay Me Down


Listening — Intermediate Level
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Watch the video and answer the questions

  1. It felt like spring time on this February   In a courtyard birds were singing your praise

  2. I carried them with me   Now as I lay me down to sleep

  3. I wonder why I feel so high Though I am not above the   Heavy hearted

  4. On a summer evening I'll run to meet you Barefoot, barely  

  5. Though I'm far away I'll whisper your name into the sky And I will wake up  

  6. As I lay me down to   This I pray That you will hold me dear

  7. It's not too near for me Like a flower I need the   Though it's not clear to me

  8. Every   has its   change And I will see you When the sun comes out again


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. What does the song convey?

  2. What do you usually pray at night?

  3. How do you feel about the song? Why?


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