The Longest Tunnel in the World

Steve Love

Grammar — Advanced Level
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Watch the video and complete the statements below

  1. The tunnel will allow more trains to   through the tunnels daily

  2. If you drive through, you will not hear wind   around you as if you were driving through the Alps

  3. Instead, you will most likely hear the   of the tunnel's ventilation system

  4. On the train, you will hear people   for one hour less than the former train trip through the Alps

  5. The construction of the tunnel will hopefully reduce the   of traffic because most travelers will opt to use the trains instead


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. What human construction impresses you the most? Why? Describe it

  2. What is your preferred mode of travel? Why?

  3. What architectural landmarks would you like to visit? Where are they located? Describe them

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