The Simpsons

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Fill in the blanks with the missing sentences to complete the article

Missing sentences
  1. who rarely speaks

  2. dedicated housewife and mother

  3. have been broadcasted

  4. safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant

  5. has won dozens of awards

'The Simpsons' are a family who live in the fictional town of Springfield. Homer, the father, works as a . He is married to Marge Simpson, a . They have three children: Bart, a ten-year-old troublemaker; Lisa, an eight-year-old activist; and Maggie, the baby of the family .

Since its debut on December 17, 1989, more than 600 episodes of 'The Simpsons' . During this time, it and it has become the longest running American animated TV show.

Source: Wikipedia


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. Do you like 'The Simpsons'? Why or why not?

  2. Who is your favorite character from the show? Why?

  3. What is your favorite show on TV? What is it about?

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