The Tsavo Man-Eaters

Roger Walter

Grammar — Advanced Level
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Complete the sentences below using the given word so that the new sentence has the same meaning as the original sentence

In March 1898 the British started building a railway bridge over the Tsavo River in Kenya. During the next nine months of construction, two male lions stalked the campsite, dragging Indian workers from their tents at night and devouring them. Workers tried to scare off the lions and built campfires and fences but their efforts were futile.

Hundreds of workers fled from Tsavo, halting construction on the bridge. Project manager John Henry Patterson shot the first lion on December 9, 1898. Twenty days later, the second lion was found and killed. It took eight men to carry the carcass back to camp. Construction workers returned and finished the bridge in February 1899. Patterson claimed that 135 workers had been killed.

After 25 years as Patterson's floor rugs, the lions' skins were sold to the Chicago Field Museum. The lions were then reconstructed and are now on permanent display along with the original skulls.
Source: Wikipedia
  1. Two lions ate 135 people in Tsavo, Kenya

    were (2 words)

    135 people by two lions in Tsavo, Kenya

  2. Hundreds of workers abandoned the work site

    was (2 words)

    The work site by hundreds of workers

  3. Patterson shot and killed both lions

    were (2 words)

    Both lions and killed by Patterson

  4. Eight men had to carry one lion's carcass back to camp

    was (2 words)

    One lion's carcass by eight men back to camp

  5. Patterson claimed the lions had killed 135 workers

    killed (3 words)

    Patterson claimed 135 workers by the lions

  6. Patterson used the lions' skins as rugs

    used (2 words)

    The lion's skins as rugs by Patterson


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. Why do you think the lions were killing the workers?

  2. Could Patterson have done anything else to prevent the tragic deaths of so many people?

  3. What wild animals scare you? Why?

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