Train Station Facilities


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Read the text and answer the questions

Train stations usually have staffed ticket sales offices, automated ticket machines, or both, although on some lines tickets are sold on board the trains. Many stations include a shop or convenience store. Larger stations usually have fast-food or restaurant facilities. In some countries, stations may also have a bar or pub. Other station facilities may include toilets, left-luggage, lost-and-found, departures and arrivals boards, luggage carts, waiting rooms, taxi ranks, bus bays and even car parks. Larger or manned stations tend to have a greater range of facilities including also a station security office. These are usually open for travellers when there is sufficient traffic over a long enough period of time to warrant the cost. In large cities this may mean facilities available around the clock. A basic station might only have platforms, though it may still be distinguished from a halt, a stopping or halting place that may not even have platforms.

Many stations, either larger or smaller, offer interchange with local transportation; this can vary from a simple bus stop across the street to underground rapid-transit urban rail stations.

In many African, South American, and Asian countries, stations are also used as a place for public markets and other informal businesses. This is especially true on tourist routes or stations near tourist destinations.
As well as providing services for passengers and loading facilities for goods, stations can sometimes have locomotive and rolling stock depots .
Source: Wikipedia
  1. Where should tickets be purchased when one is already boarding the train?

  2. Which is probably not a usual train station facility?

  3. Where should a passenger initially go if s/he lost her items?

  4. Which is a popular local transportation?

  5. Which is common among the many African, South American, and Asian train stations?


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. Do you travel by train? if yes, how often?

  2. What are the facilities usually found in your country's train stations?

  3. What is the best train station that you've been to ? Why do you say so?


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