Reading — Intermediate Level
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Read the text and answer the questions.

Belgium is one of the most heavily populated countries in Europe and most people live in urban areas. It is divided into three communities based on language: In the north are the Flemings, who speak Flemish (Dutch), in the south are the Walloons, who speak French, and in the city of Liège there is a small German-speaking population.

Different communities in Belgium have different customs. The typical Flemish greeting involves a quick handshake, whereas Walloons greet with a light kiss on the cheek. Walloons also tend to eat their dinner later in the evening than the Flemish. However, talking while chewing gum or while keeping hands in one's pockets are considered rude across communities.

Art, music, and architecture play a big role in Belgian life and history. The comic strip is highly regarded, with "Tintin" and "The Smurfs" both originating in the country. Sports are also popular in Belgium, with soccer being the most-played sport.

  1. Belgium is inhabited by   people.

  2. If you want to speak French while in Belgium, you should go to the   .

  3. The Flemings' most dominant language is   .

  4. It is considered disrespectful to chew gum in the   community.

  5. One of the features Belgium is most known for is their   .


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. Where is Belgium located?

  2. What are the different languages spoken in Belgium?


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