Ever wondered where cashew nuts come from?


Listening — Intermediate Level
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Watch the video and answer the questions

  1. It is said that there are   nuts which should be taken on daily basis for health.

  2. After the cashew nuts have been roasted to bring out the flavor, each nut is   by hand.

  3. The cashew nuts are then delicately   ,

  4. The concentrated juice made from cashew nut apple is quite   .

  5. It is really good for blood   .

  6. By the time the cashew nut   , the apples are unusable.

  7. It is incredibly   .


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. Have you eaten cashew nuts? If yes, describe the taste.

  2. What makes cashew nuts sour?

  3. What are your favorite nuts?


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