Sea Captain (Subject and verb agreement)


Grammar — Advanced Level
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Complete each sentence choosing the correct option

  1. The captain   that the ship complies with local and international laws and complies also with company and flag state policies.

  2. One of a shipmaster's particularly important duties   to ensure compliance with the vessel's security plan, as required by the International Maritime Organization's ISPS Code.

  3. The plan, customized to meet the needs of each individual ship,   duties including conducting searches and inspections.

  4. All persons on board including public authorities, crew, and passengers   under the captain's authority and are his or her ultimate responsibility, particularly during navigation.

  5. In the United States Navy, a captain's powers   defined by its 1913 Code of Regulations.

  6. Some captains obtain other credentials which   them to perform marriages in some jurisdictions where they would otherwise not be permitted to do so.

  7. On international voyages, the captain   responsible for satisfying requirements of the local immigration and customs officials.


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. What are the duties of a sea captain?

  2. How do you see/view the sea captain's job?

  3. What do you think are the risks of being the captain of the ship? Why do you think so?


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