What the Original 'Pinocchio' Really Says About Lying


Grammar — Beginner Level
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Fill in the blanks with correct verb

The first real lie in the story    not told by Pinocchio, who does, however, repeat various fanciful inaccuracies almost as soon as he can speak, but by Geppetto, who    his coat in order to buy Pinocchio a schoolbook and lies to the boy, telling him that he sold it “Because I found it too hot.”

Interestingly, Pinocchio    what his maker has really done, “and unable to restrain the impulse of his good heart he sprang up, and throwing his arms around Geppetto’s neck he    kissing him again and again.”

So Pinocchio does Pinocchio does    a good heart and a subtle enough intelligence to    that though Geppetto has lied to Pinocchio, he has done so out of kindness; it’s simply that Pinocchio likes to misbehave, and he hasn’t    the ways of the world yet. When the fox and the cat come along, he is easily    into temptation.


Practice your writing skills by discussing the questions below

  1. Do you know the story of Pinocchio? Narrate the story in your own way.

  2. What are you takeaways from Pincchio's story?


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